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Standing Up Against Louisiana Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a type of sex discrimination. It can occur when a supervisor promises to take employment action in exchange for sexual favors. It can also happen when a supervisor or co-worker creates a hostile work environment through words or actions. Either way, sexual harassment can negatively impact your ability to work effectively and enjoy a positive work environment.

Despite well-publicized sexual harassment cases and an effort to provide harassment avoidance training, sexual harassment in the workplace persists. If you have been a victim, speak to an experienced New Orleans sexual harassment attorney. At the law office of Farrugia Law Firm, LLC, we are strong advocates of employee rights and are committed to helping our clients obtain justice.

What Exactly Is Sexual Harassment?

In Louisiana, sexual harassment includes a range of unwelcome conduct, including:

  • Offering employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors (quid pro quo)
  • Threatening retaliation after a negative response to sexual advances
  • Making sexually explicit remarks
  • Engaging in inappropriate touching
  • Telling jokes of a sexual nature
  • Sending sexually explicit emails or text messages

While sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms, one thing is certain: It is illegal. Both men and women can be victims and perpetrators. Victims do not have to be of the opposite sex as harassers. Anyone negatively impacted by sexual harassment should contact this law firm to discuss your rights.

Have you been propositioned at work by a supervisor? Has your employer failed to act on your sexual harassment complaints? Has sexual harassment created a hostile work environment? Protect your rights by contacting Farrugia Law Firm, LLC.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge Sex Discrimination — Attorney Farrugia Can Help

Often, a claim for sexual harassment can also lead to a claim for sexual discrimination. If you suffered an adverse employment action — wrongful termination, denied promotion, unfavorable job assignments or other negative action — as a result of your response to sexual advances or due to your filing a sexual harassment complaint, you may also have claims for discrimination and retaliation. As a knowledgeable employment law attorney, Victor Farrugia can assess your case and explain your options for moving forward.

If You Are a Victim of Sexual Harassment

Harassers often deny their actions. However, we can help. If you are still employed and are the subject of sexual harassment, our firm can discuss your rights as an employee with regards to the harassment you are experiencing. To discuss your specific situation with an experienced New Orleans sexual harassment lawyer, call 504-525-0250 or 866-676-0856 or contact our firm online.

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